Stable and individual


We manufacture cable reels in a wide variety of models for a broad range of diverse applications and uses. Whether made of wood or plywood, as disposable or returnable reels — our cable drums will save you space and money while simultaneously protecting the environment. We will be happy to speak to you personally to describe the details and benefits of our products.

Light and flexible


You can order our disposable wooden reels made from plywood in varying bandwidths because the flange diameter ranges between 250 mm and 1,500 mm. The components from our standard line can be combined individually with one another to meet your requirements.

Special solutions for industry


One of our great strengths is in the realisation of special products customised for specific customers. The demands from the industrial sector in particular are many and highly varied. Whether special bores, multiple-chamber reels or printing, there are virtually no limits to your requests.

Sustainable and cost-saving


We manufacture reels in a stable returnable model for repeated use. On request, we will manufacture a screw version that can be taken apart so that single elements can be replaced without having to discard the entire reel. This conserves resources, protects the environment and reduces your costs.